Deer Processing

Deer Processing - BolognaWe offer a wide variety of deer processing services including: skinning, cutting, wrapping and quick freezing, curing, smoking, and processing of luncheon and snack meats.

Our goal is to get your meat back to you as quickly and as fresh as possible. Due to the high volume of deer meat we receive, all fresh meat must be picked up within 3 days, and all smoked meats picked up within one week of our notifying you that it is ready. If you cannot pick your fresh meat up within three days, we will be glad to wrap and quick freeze it for you at an additional charge. We cannot be responsible for meat that is not picked up within the above said time. Any meat not picked up within 10 days of being notified, may incur a storage fee of $2.00 per day from date of first notification.

Deer Processing - Ring BolognaThere is one basic deer cutting charge, whether your deer is buck or doe, skinned or not skinned. Unless your deer is completely whole or completely boneless meat, a pro-rated boning/handling fee will be added to your bill.

Payment is due in full when you pick up your meat. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or personal check. All prices are subject to change. Products must be picked up our butcher shop.

Processing Charges

Deer Cutting Charge $80/deer
Partial Deer Boning Charge $10 minimum
Shoulder Mount $25.00
Save Hide $10.00
Sweet Bologna $1.55/lb.
Lebanon Bologna $1.75/lb.
*Ring Bologna $3.25/lb.
*Ring Bologna with cheese $4.25/lb.
*Snack Sticks $3.75/lb.
*Snack Sticks with cheese $4.75/lb.
*Hot Sticks $3.60/lb.
*Hot Sticks with cheese $4.60/lb.
Dried Deer (slicing included) $4.75/pc.
Deer Hams (slicing included) $15.00/hqt.
Jerky $5.25/lb.
Fresh Sausage $0.95/lb.
Breakfast Links $1.25/lb.
Sausage Patties (freezing included) $1.25/lb.
Smoked Sausage $1.35/lb.
Hamburger Patties (freezing included) $1.25/lb.
Chipped Steak $1.00/lb.
Scrapple $8.50/pan
Hot Dogs $3.29/lb.
Hot Dogs with cheese $4.29/lb.
Vacuum Pack & Freeze $0.50/lb.
Grinding $0.50/lb. or $10.00 min

*All prices subject to change without notice.

About Our Products

Sweet Bologna
Our original recipe and customer favorite in a 10 pound roll. Minimum order is 10 pounds. Please specify if you want it sliced.

Lebanon Bologna
A lightly sweetened “Lebanon” type bologna in a 10 pound roll. Minimum order is 10 pounds. Please specify if you want it sliced.

Ring Bologna
Approximately one and three quarters pound per ring. You get six rings per 10 pounds of meat. Minimum order is 10 pounds. Excellent with cheese added.

Snack Sticks

Our snack sticks come in five flavors: Hickory, Pepper, Sweet, Hot or Kielbasa. Minimum order is 10 pounds per flavor. Packaged in one pound packs. Excellent with cheese added.

Dried Deer
This comes from the hind quarters or the loin. Minimum order are three pieces, which is one hind quarter. Please specify if you want it chipped.

We make a muscle jerky, which comes from the hind quarters or loin. One hind quarter or five pounds minimum. Yield is approximately 45% of starting weight.

Sausage is available in rope, bulk, patties, or breakfast links. Flavors include Country, Italian, and Kielbasa. Ten pound minimum for each kind.

Smoked Sausage
Ten pound minimum.

Hamburger Patties
Quarter pound patties come 8 per bag. Minimum order is 10 pounds.

Chipped Steak
Thin-sliced steak sandwich meat comes from hind quarters or loin. One hind quarter or five pounds minimum.

Our old-fashioned home-style scrapple recipe that has been popular with our beef and pork customers for many years. Yields about 3 pans per deer.

Hot Dogs
Our hot dogs have a very robust flavor without a lot of fillers that is sure to please the whole family. Excellent with cheese. 10 lbs. of deer meat yields 16 lbs. hot dogs.